meet naseem


I believe in today, not some day. I have lots of opinions and I love to share them and engage with others both like minded and otherwise, always open to having my perspective challenged: it’s what makes the world go round. There’s no excuse to ever stop learning! I’m not the most focused person when I write…that could be a negative or a positive, I guess, but since I’m all over the place, this blog will be, too-about life as it comes. I enjoyed blogging so much while I was in Peace Corps that I thought I’d continue, narrating life’s great adventures, the daily mundane and the extraordinary.

I love traveling, seeing new places, seeing old places in a totally new way. I love eating great food, and cooking great food even more. I love to read and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked to have the world wide web back in my life. I love making other people happy with the smallest of gestures, I guarantee you going to the effort of making someone else’s day will inevitably also make yours!

I’m a recently returned Peace Corps volunteer, having just returned stateside after serving as a community health facilitator on a small island in Vanuatu (in the South Pacific-don’t worry if you’ve never head of it-you’re not the only one!). I’m slowly readjusting, doing lots of people watching and trying to figure out why people have phones as big as my head and bracelets that track their sleep along with lots of other confusing, first world phenomenon and eating everything in sight…thank goodness one of my first coming home tasks was joining the gym! My priorities right now are: finding a great job, taking an epic trip to Southeast Asia and learning to ride a bike-in no particular order! As I mentioned, I really enjoyed blogging throughout my Peace Corps application and service here and wanted to leave that blog as-is so that future PCVs don’t have to do too much work to find what they’re looking for and I still have a space to share all my crazy thoughts about life as I live it.

Thanks for following me and hope you enjoy!


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